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Strictly Stones

Marble Tile

Transform your space with the timeless elegance of marble tiles. Our exquisite collection boasts a range of colors and patterns, enhancing any interior with luxury and sophistication. Explore the beauty of natural stone, as our durable marble tiles bring a touch of opulence to your floors and walls. Elevate your home or office with the enduring charm of marble craftsmanship, where style meets durability seamlessly.

Botticino Turkish

Bianco Dolomite

Bardiglio Veincut

French Vanilla

Cherry Blossom

Negro Marquina

Haisa Blue

Haisa Light

Emperador Light

Calacatta Viola

Diano Reale

Statuary White

Calacatta Caldia

Empress Green


Giallo Reale

Emperador Dark

Bardiglio Imperiale

Rain Forest Brown

Bardiglio Nuvalato

Crema Marfil

Afyon Sugar

Calacatta Gold

Thassos White

Crema Cappuccino

Botticino Fiorito


Ming Green

Polar White

Haisa Dark

Breccia Oniciatta

Oriental White

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