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Strictly Stones

Online Disclaimer



Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Quartz, and related products represent products of nature. We cannot be held responsible for any cause of action resulting from their use in any form. Stones strictly makes no expressed or implied warranty for any use. These products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in aesthetic color, shade, finish, tint, hardness, strength resistance, density, etc. Dry seams, pits, and fossils may characterize Natural Stone. In Polished and honed stones, these pits are often filled during the manufacturing process or at the time of installation. These fills can occasionally pop out from normal wear and use. Sample color may vary from the actual product you receive. The Customer accepts responsibility for purchasing sufficient material to complete their job/project. The Customer agrees that Strictly Stones is not responsible for delays or non-delivery of material caused by acts beyond our control.

Further, Strictly Stones shall not be liable, monetary or otherwise, for any delays caused to any projects. Customer is solely responsible for their project timelines. Suppose there is a delay in the delivery of any ordered products. In that case, Strictly Stones shall reasonably assist Customer in receiving prompt delivery, provided that Strictly Stone's inadvertent failure to do so shall not constitute a breach hereunder.

WARNING: Products we sell can expose you to chemicals, including crystalline silica (airborne particles of respirable size) in dust created during fabrication/installation if the product is dry cut/ground or pulverized, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


All items are subject to availability. We will do our best to inform you soon as possible if the goods you have ordered are unavailable. All prices are subject to change without notification. We occasionally run promotion prices as incentives or limited time opportunities for qualifying purchases made during the promotional period. Due to these events' time-sensitive and promotional nature, we cannot offer price protection, retroactive discounts, or refunds for previous purchases in case of a price reduction or promotional offering, including live chat, phone, or submission through the website. Pricing given online does not apply in stores.

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