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Strictly Stones

Glass Pool Tile

Dive into a world of unparalleled beauty and sophistication with our stunning collection of glass pool tiles. Elevate your pool's aesthetic with the shimmering allure of glass, transforming it into a captivating oasis. Crafted with precision and elegance, our glass tiles boast exceptional durability, resisting fading and discoloration even in the harshest pool environments. 

Amiens Classic

Amiens Classic

Amiens Coastal

Aruba19 1x2

Aruba19 2x2

Bali19 1x2

Bali19 2x2

Barcode Crypto

Barcode Puzzle

Bayeux Coastal

Bayeux Classic

Bayeux Country

Belfort Classic

Belfort Coastal

Belfort Country

Biscay19 1x3

Capri19 2x2

Glacier Blue19

IBR-01-21 (1x2) 19

Inspire19 1x2

Inspire19 1x4

Inspire19 2x2

Inspire19 2x2

Lake19 1x1

Mallorca19 1x2

Mineral Blend 19

Natural Random Strip 19

Ocean Blue19 1x1

Opitic Blue 19 1x2

Santa Cruz19 1x2

Santorini19 1x2

Santorini19 2x2

Sardinia19 2x2

Seychelles19 1x2

Seychelles19 2x2

Shades of Grey Stack 19

Shades of Grey Strip 19

Sirens Breeze 19 1x2

Tessera19 1x2

Tonda Sea Green 19 1x2

Venato White Hex 19

Venato White Penny 19

Water Color 19 1x2

Zeugma IBR-21 (1x2) 19

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